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Why MS is My Superpower

Think you got a raw deal? Think again

I have the world’s most common non-traumatic neurological condition for young adults, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Lucky me! Yes, that’s slightly sarcastic, but not entirely.

Multiple sclerosis is abbreviated to MS.

Some people say it stands for My Shitty Disease, but that’s not what I think. 

 The science says positive thinking benefits people with MS. But it is way more than just positive thinking.

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MS is my Superpower.

Why? Because there are as many gifts it gives me as challenges. It’s not just me that says this. 

Dr Terry Wahls says this.

Professor George Jelinek said it. 

On my scan, it looks like fingerprints. I see it as touched by the hand of God. Cringe, I know. Sorry, but it really does look like someone has briefly rested their hand on my head.

If you have MS, we are the chosen ones. 

This is why MS is my superpower.

MS demands I be healthy.

There are no two-ways about this. To feel well, we have to be well. MS forces us to look after ourselves. 

 It will tell us off if we don’t look after ourselves. It will reward us when we do. And the rewards of movement, nature, meditation, and healthy eating, keep us coming back for more. The rewards are greater than the punishment is painful.

Who else gets that? No hundred-dollars-an-hour Life Coach needed. We have one built-in. Exercise is proven to give us a better fitness, functional capacity, and quality of life. 

MS insists I be grateful.

We never know what tomorrow will bring, so if I can run up that flight of stairs today, I will! And I’ll love it! And I’ll leave everyone else in my wake. Because I can. 

Tomorrow I might be weak. But today, I am powerful. For thsat, every day, I’m grateful. 

Our gratitude has been shown to help give us the best life.

MS helps me trust my gut.

My intuition is sharp. My gut feelings are spot-on. I thank my microbes for that. The swirling bacteria, fungi, archaea, and viruses, I know I’m going to meet people I haven’t seen for years because I dream of them.

It sounds wah-wah. But is keeps happening. It probably happens to you, does it not? 

My brain, central nervous system and stomach are all innervated. They are connected through the gut-brain axis. Together they all work as a unitary system, modulated by the vagus nerve

It’s an energy GPS. I can trust it. I can trust my gut.

MS reminds me to be mindful.

MS shows me how to eat our medicine, which happens to be better for the planet’s health. The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates of Kos who famously said, Let food be thy medicine. Hippocrated believed in the benevolence of nature

Nature is a cycle. We should be good to nature and nature is good to us. 

Our plant foods feed our microbes who reward us with short-chain fatty acids, hormones, and neurotransmitters, like serotonin, that make us feel amazing.

That’s why MS is My Superpower. It gives me substance and succor. It helps me t set goals and achieve them.

MS gives me the best life. I’m not having the best life despite MS, I’m having the best life because of it.

If you have MS, it can be your superpower too.

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