green mortar and pestle with textvreadin Food Medcine FDiet for MS on marble bench backgriound with basil leaves

Food Medicine Diet is the Easiest MS Diet to Stick to

Good news!

We have been looking left, right, centre, and under to find a way we can bring the no-frills, basic course, the Food Medicine Diet for MS, to as many people as possible who need it.

We found a solution: Gumroad! That’s right. Not Gumtree, Gumroad. It’s been around for a few years and is rock solid. Secure. Simple. And easy to use.

Gumroad simply hosts the course and processes the payments for the Food Medicine Diet for MS

We have moved from the complex LMS (learning management system) to something far simpler and less expensive.

This is all in the background.You don’t need to know anything except that the course is now easier to use than ever, with all the videos on one single page, and all the resources and links underneath.

(It’s early days so there may be teething problems. If you have any hassles with it, please shoot me an email. I’ll do my best to quickly resolve any issues.)

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The easiest MS Diet to stick to

This is the exact diet that I eat today and every day.

It’s how I use food as my way of managing multiple sclerosis.

Of course, the best diet for MS is the one you can stick to.

I say that because for a diet to effectively control your MS, you have to stay on it. The gut microbiome is a dynamic ecosystem and any good work can be easily undone. It has to be sustainable and simple.

Many of the other effective MS diets are extremely complicated for my little pea brain.

If I need to count anything, I’ll be lost in no time.

Not because we’re stupid, but because we’re busy.

As I’ve said before, when I found out I had MS, the only thing I wanted to know was how I could stop it.

I never considered reversing it or doing the old things I used to do.

That all came as a delightful surprise.

The diet is scientifically sensible and common sense.

There are five simple rules to follow. That’s all. Some of them you can break. Except one.

For the people who have given advice and feedback on the course, and the old course delivery system, thank you! I deeply appreciate your valuable time and feedback.

Anyone who has purchased the course has lifetime access. Feel free to reach out if you would like to watch it again and download the resources.

Be well and best wishes.


green mortar and pestle with textvreadin Food Medcine FDiet for MS on marble bench backgriound with basil leaves

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