The purpose of Best Life with MS is to help people with MS live their best lives.

We do this through information and advice in these four categories:

1. Food and dietary considerations, including recipes, meal plans, effects of nutrients, and more. Best Life with MS has created the world’s easiest MS diet to stick to, the Food Medicine Diet for MS.

2. Movement and exercise

3. Nature and the importance of outdoor activities and a healthy environment

4. Mindset that is empowering and supportive, including mental health tactics like yoga and meditation.

All four of these categories support each other.

The Best Life with MS aims to support people newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, as well as people who have been living with the disease for many years.

We serve any age, any gender, and race, or religion, in any of any age, and any gender, in any country in the world.

Courses are available at a cost basis and scholarships are available for those who cannot afford the cost. Enquiries about the scholarships can be made via email.