Danielle Spinks-Earl

MS — the curse and opportunity

Some people with multiple sclerosis say it has been a gift. MS has shown them another dimension to life. Many people have stopped and reversed this disease with the MS Diet and exercise. Every human being is unique. All of us need meaning, connection, nature, wonder, and awe.  The purpose of Best Life with MS is to look at diet and exercise, and to help you connect the other pieces of the puzzle as well so you can create your best life —with MS.


hand on window above clouds

The Rocketship

MS is invisible. You can’t see it by looking at me. But we can’t see the hidden pain a lot of people carry around.  We

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road in the forest

Running with MS

There is one thing you can’t do when you have MS — you can’t go running. This is my 26th week running with MS.

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