Live the best life with
multiple sclerosis

Life’s too short to let MS get in the way.
There’s no known cure but we can still be well.
The keys are Food, Nature, Movement, and Mindset.
MS is My Superpower.

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The Keys to the Best Life


Hippocrates of Kos, the Father of Medicine, once said Let Food be Thy Medicine. New research shows how powerful our diet and gut microbiome are.


Movement helps us crank the pump of our lymphatic system. Without movement, we wallow. With movement we thrive.


Look deeply into nature and you will understand everything better, said Albert Einstein. Nature itself is the best physician.


The power of the subconcious mind is extraordinary. A positive mindset is proven to achieve better health outcomes.

The Food Medicine Diet for MS has helped me forget I even have MS.

Hi, I’m Dani

  • I’ve had MS for more than 25 years
  • After exhaustive research, I got to NEDA (no evidence of disease activity)
  • We can’t control everything, but there’s so much we can control
  • I developed the Food Medicine Diet for MS and articles for Best Life with MS
Dani from Best Life with MS

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Let food be thy medicine

Hippocrates of Kos; the Father of Medicine
~ 460BC

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